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Adamas One Corp.

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Borne From A Dark History: The Sparkling Future of Lab Grown Diamonds 

The organic trend may be popular for you favorite foods but when it comes to diamonds the notion of a miner finding the perfect stone in an idyllic setting is quickly clouded by the darkness shrouding diamond mining. 

Organic diamonds come at a greater cost than the price tag at the jewelry store. Organic diamond mining, in many cases, carries many negative human, social, and environmental impacts that when compounded make the thought of buying organic something to reconsider.

As is the case with anything that carries significant value, diamonds have often been the targets of criminal activity. Countries such as Zimbabwe have had vast amounts of money worth of diamonds diverted into the pockets of the country’s president and his inner circle. Diamonds have financed Civil Wars in Angola, Congo and Sierra Leone that have cost countless people their lives.

Conditions that the miners face are often some of the harshest on our planet, while U.S.- based mining companies pay a living wage, the majority of diamond miners are working for non – U.S. companies or individuals who barely pay enough to survive. These same miners are often faced with physical abuse and escalated violence within their mining camps if they choose to not pay “bribes” to their superiors.

Child and forced labor is often used in the pursuit of diamonds. This is often seen in war-torn regions of Africa and has been a systemic problem across the Nation.

Reckless diamond mining has caused soil erosion, led to deforestation, and forced populations to relocate. Mines have also re-routed rivers and exposed riverbeds for mining, which has had catastrophic effects on local wildlife.

There is no doubt that many diamond mines harm surrounding environments, as is the case in many African countries.

It has been said that, “nothing says I love you like a diamond.”

Tradition has shown us that when we find ourselves in love the next step is often to propose engagement with our significant other, this often includes a diamond ring, a symbol of commitment and devotion to one another.

Many consumers become caught up in the moment when purchasing a diamond and do not stop to consider the path traveled from ground to jeweler, however, lab grown diamonds have changed the landscape and their future has never looked brighter.

As an early leader and industry pathfinder, Adamas One Corp. (Nasdaq: JEWL), looks to be on track to grow their business and provide consumers with top quality diamonds for the most important moments in life.

The Original Lab-Grown Diamond Company™

Introducing Adamas One Corp. (Nasdaq: JEWL)

The Original Lab-Grown Diamond Company™

NASDAQ: JEWL is a high-tech company that leverages proprietary technology to produce high-quality, single-crystal, Lab-Grown Diamonds for jewelry and diamond materials for industrial uses.

This morning, the company announced it has renegotiated the lease for its new South Carolina manufacturing facility. The new lease allows for expansion of the facility to support up to a total of 400 proprietary reactors to produce the Company’s lab-grown diamonds.

The first phase will consist of the installation of 100 reactors, which at full capacity will be able to generate up to $30 million in topline revenue, or approximately $14 million in EBITDA on a monthly basis, or more than $300 million in topline revenue/$150 million EBITDA on an annual basis. Upon completion, the Company expects to house close to 400 of its proprietary CVD reactors.


Adamas One Expected Up to $150M in EBITDA in its First Phase of Expansion

Key Considerations

  • Recent market studies indicate that 80% of diamond consumers are aware of LGD and believe it to be more sustainable than mined diamonds.1
  • Scalability of technology provides investors significant opportunity in a rapidly growing segment inside of a large, established diamond market
  • Scalability beyond jewelry, and into industrial applications with large single crystal diamonds, provides investors an even larger intermediate term opportunity.
  • Quantum computing, high-performance electronics, and precision manufacturing are already beginning to exploit the superior physical properties of these affordable diamonds.

The inefficiency, labor violations, and ecological devastation caused by the natural diamond mining industry are just a few reasons why lab-grown diamonds are gaining traction in the jewelry industry.

Adamas is a lab-grown diamond manufacturer that produces near flawless single-crystal diamonds for gemstone and industrial applications, in its facilities in Greenville, South Carolina.

NASDAQ:JEWL holds 36 patents, and uses its proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to grow gem-sized and smaller diamond crystals.2

The company’s diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds, and its patented proprietary technology and controlled manufacturing processes enable the production of very high-quality, high-purity, single-crystal colorless, near colorless, and fancy colored Type IIA diamonds to suit a variety of industrial and gemstone applications.

FACT: It takes 250 Tons of Earth to Produce 1 carat of Diamonds -which equates to 661,200,000,000  pounds of removed earth for our worlds reserves3

This is driving a market for lab-grown diamonds, a market which continues to expand with no signs of slowing down.

The global lab grown diamonds market size was valued at $19.3 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $49.9 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 9.4% from 2021 to 2030.4 

The CVD segment led in terms of lab grown diamonds market share in 2020 and is expected to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period.5 

Covid-19 Impacts

  • Lab grown diamonds industry was negatively impacted by the pandemic owing to disruption in supply chains and exports from countries like China and India
  • Online channels have witnessed a surge in demand owing to closure of brick and mortar shops.
  • Sale of lab grown diamonds is predicted to increase post pandemic as more importance is being given to sustainability and environment friendliness.
  • More focus is given on the sustainable production of lab grown diamonds.

The top impacting factor of the LGD market?

A reduced environmental footprint, low cost, and increasing demand in the semiconductor industry … all driving forces that are going nowhere. This industry is poised to take off very soon.

Recently, National Jeweler examined the estimated size of the market and talked to experts about where it might go in the future, as well as what could drive growth.

Diamond market analyst Paul Zimnisky told National Jeweler earlier this year lab-grown jewelry sales could near $8 billion-plus in 2023, approaching 10 percent of the total global diamond jewelry market.

Amid demand for lab-grown diamonds, Zimnisky has now increased his forecast to $9 billion-$10 billion, which would see lab-grown diamond jewelry accounting for more than 10 percent of total global diamond sales, according to his model. 

According to Ziminsky, there are four factors driving the sector, limitless supply, higher quality, branding, and proprietary design.

“Eventually, almost all man-made diamonds will likely be of a universal high quality” – Paul Zimnisky 6

What will happen as this market becomes more saturated?

Experts say that branding and proprietary design and custom shapes and colors will be essential for producers who want their product to compete as a luxury item, all of which have been perfected through NASDAQ: JEWL’s proprietary technology.

NASDAQ: JEWL’s news that they have Appointed Adam Campbell, a 15-year veteran in the jewelry space, to design the Adamas One-branded jewelry line, which will feature the Company’s lab-grown diamonds – is a massive victory.

Campbell has done design and/or promotional work for such recognizable brands as Cartier, Hublot, Chopard, David Yerman, Hearts on Fire, John Hardy, and Roberto Coin, making him an invaluable asset to the company.

“The high quality and sheer beauty of the Adamas One lab-grown diamonds are an inspiration. I look forward to collaborating with the Adamas One team to create a beautiful and innovative line of jewelry that highlights the unique traits of these incredible stones.” – Adam Campbell


“Adam has long been a recognized presence in the fine jewelry and watch industry, and we are very fortunate to have him heading up our design team at Adamas One. Mr. Campbell will be creating a high-end luxury line of jewelry for us, of course he will be utilizing our superior lab-grown diamonds,” stated Adamas One CEO, Jay Grdina

Market research firm The MVEye also monitors the lab-grown diamond sector. 

It currently estimates that the market accounts for 8-10 percent of diamond jewelry sales globally.7

The U.S. remains the largest consumer market for lab-grown diamonds by far. Zimnisky said it represents about 80-plus percent of lab-grown diamond jewelry demand, compared with about 50-plus percent of total global diamond jewelry demand. 8 

The Edge Retail Academy, which tracks independent jewelers’ sales, offered the following data from the January-June period. 

Lab-grown loose diamond sales represented 7 percent of total retail loose sales, an increase from 5.3 percent over the same period in 2021.9

The report noted that larger lab-grown diamonds showed significant increases in most of the key performance indicators.

The 3.25- to 3.50-carat range, showed a 194 percent increase in gross sales, a 114 percent increase in units sold, and a 25 percent increase in average retail sale 

This strongly suggests that customers are trading up in size from smaller natural diamonds, to larger LGD’s. 

The 4.5- to 5-carat range recorded a spike of 582 percent in gross sales, and sales in the 5.5- to 6-carat rose 78 percent. 10

So.. What do we know about NASDAQ:JEWL’s foothold in this expanding market?

NASDAQ: JEWL has developed proprietary technology allowing for a cost effective and meticulous production of LGD’s, and has secured an industry renowned jeweler to ensure that their bespoke gem stones and industrial diamonds maintain the highest excellence of industry standards.

Key Takeaways

  • The global lab grown diamonds market size was valued at $19.3 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $49.9 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 9.4% from 2021 to 2030. 
  • Sale of lab grown diamonds is predicted to increase post pandemic as more importance is being given to sustainability and environment friendliness.
  • NASDAQ: JEWL’s scalability of technology provides investors significant opportunity in a rapidly growing segment inside of a large, established diamond market

  10. IBID


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