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Neurosene Health Inc.

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Canadian Nuro-Tech Company Nurosene Health Inc. (CSE:MEND) Matches AI- Technology to Mental Health Solutions.

Posting 400% Growth and $9,838,141 in Assets, Canadian Nuro-Tech Company Nurosene Health Inc. (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) Boasts Olympian Michael Phelps, NFL’s Richard Sherman, NHL Star James van Riemsdyk & Singer/Pop Icon Nick Jonas as Endorsers and/or Investors.

Technical Analysis says “strong buy” on TradingView & Featured in Forbes, Bloomberg Television & CNBC.

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In their own words: “Nurosene provides individuals with tools and technology that empower them to take control of their mental wellness. Our mission is to build the next generation of better, healthier brains by leveraging technological advancements in AI. With our team of experts and partners, Nurosene is positioned at the leading edge of critical research and innovations, striving to disrupt traditional mental wellness treatments.” Now let’s turn our attention back to something we mentioned at the top, (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF)’s recently completed acquisition of NetraMark, a Pharmatech leader, utilizing proprietary AI to optimize and take an IP ownership stake in the path to new drug development, accelerate clinical trials and redefine the landscape of how disorders are treated. Accordingly, NetraMark is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nurosene. This is what (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) is adding to their portfolio through the acquisition of NetraMark: A specialized AI and Pharma-tech company that has developed novel solutions utilized by global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These solutions allow them to leverage small to large data sets in order to optimize clinical trials and rapid drug development. This is accomplished by providing a superior understanding of their patient populations with these insights being used to develop new drugs and precision nutraceuticals. NetraMark was built to address current gaps in the pharmaceutical market. Utilizing a new paradigm of unsupervised machine learning, NetraMark provides powerful insights into how to treat patients at the individual level, instead of a “one size fits all” model. NetraMark was built to accelerate the path towards new medications and nutraceuticals through leveraging their AI and pharma expertise. To give you an idea of how impressive NetraMark is, they were recently recognized and asked by Google subsidiary Kaggle to present its leading research in ALS to scientific peers committed to ending ALS. The benefits that NetraMark could deliver for (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) is far-reaching when you consider that NetraMark’s proprietary algorithms are being used by pharmaceutical companies all over.

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Look At What the Technology Behind NetraMark Is Capable of Delivering, And You Will See The Value

De-risking Clinical Trials Utilizing data to identify most-likely sub-populations that will respond to a drug. Placebo Response A unique way of mitigating placebo response by evaluating subsets of placebo and active groups that are often ignored in standard clinical trials. Drug Resurrection Re-igniting failed clinical trials with improved intelligence and methodologies to bring drugs to market. Drug Repurposing For new indications as identified through databases of molecules, disease interactions, and the NetraAI technology. New Molecule Invention Using mathematical and machine intelligence technology to determine molecular docking and binding affinities for new drug inventions through precision drug targets discovered by the NetraAI technology. For more information, visit In addition to NetraMark’s impact on the pharmaceuticals market, their proprietary AI technology will power (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF)’s data-driven health-tech platform and enable a new era of predictive healthcare that will evolve the company’s mission. Remember, (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) is a self-described “technology-driven wellness company” and the acquisition of NetraMark has the potential to deliver big results. In actuality, it already has. Earlier this month (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) released news announcing preliminary data findings from the Nuro App user population, leveraging the power of recently acquired NetraMark and its progressive AI technology, “Netra AI.” NetraAI is designed to create valuable insights by reducing noise and extracting valuable explainable insights, even from small datasets. The press release pointed out: “Through an initial analysis via NetraAI, several subtypes of stress were identified; one of them being strongly correlated with gastrointestinal issues and poor diet, while another was characterized by sleep and specifically Dysania, a chronic condition resulting in the inability to wake. Some of these subgroups are driven by statistically significant self-reported psychological stress. Further subtypes have been identified in these initial findings but will require deeper investigation through additional data collection and analyses.” We are already seeing how the acquisition of NetraMark can impact (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF)’s existing operations: “NetraMark has been developing advanced innovations designed to learn from real-world data. This tech includes a novel machine intelligence methodology that creates clean data sets which can be used for insight generation by known machine learning methods, like deep neural networks. These preliminary findings build the foundation to shape the Nuro App into a tool that will serve users at an individual level with precision.” And here’s the real benefit of this merged technology, this coming from Dr. Joseph Geraci, Ph.D., Nurosene CSO, and Founder of NetraMark: “The precision that the NetraAI engine provides is going to allow us to modulate the Nuro app user’s health and wellbeing with great efficacy. NetraAI represents a new way to handle real-world data so that each user is treated in a special way along their own unique health journey.” And this merged technology will continue to improve upon (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF)’s operations As found in (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF)’s Investor Presentation: Leveraging Technological Advancements Nurosene is leveraging technological advancements in AI and machine learning to be able to better provide individuals with personalized recommendations and preventative actions that will support better brain health Accelerating the Path to New Discoveries Nurosene will leverage the full extent of AI to reveal novel insights that can be used in precision therapeutics, preventative medicine, and drug development. Market Timing Now, more than ever people are turning their attention to their mental wellness. Nurosene was created to educate on the value of brain health and how it supports overall physical health. The focus of (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) remains on mental health and mental wellness. And considering the mental health impact that Covid-19 has had on the global population, these figures may be conservative. Here’s a glaring statistic: Nearly 8 in 10 adults (78%) say the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress in their life. Long-term stress increases the risk of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, substance use, lack of sleep and muscle tension. Here’s another eye-catching number: The global figures suggest 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression. So, where’s the solution? Due in large part to the limits placed upon individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic more people have turned to technology for treatment. Technology in the form of online healthcare and apps. Here’s what that could mean for (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF), again from Adracare: “This accelerated adoption of online healthcare as an effective means to deliver mental health services during the pandemic has translated into the potential for huge mental health industry revenue gains well beyond the end of the pandemic as it becomes increasingly accepted and, in many cases, specifically sought out by patients. UnivDatos Market Insights recently released findings that showed: The Mental Health Apps Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.5% from 2021-2027 to reach US$ 3.3 billion by 2027 In this same report research showed: Mental Illness is a common condition throughout the world and especially in the United States. Statistics say 51.5 million individuals in the United States were affected by mental illnesses like anxiety, schizophrenia, major depression, etc. and 43.6% of the population received treatment of mental illness in the year And here’s the startling figure: 75-85% of the people with mental disorders receive no treatment because of stigma, cost, and accessibility It’s easy to understand why the WHO has said: “Increased investment is required on all fronts: for mental-health awareness to increase understanding and reduce stigma; for efforts to increase access to quality mental health care and effective treatments; and for research to identify new treatments and improve existing treatments for all mental disorders.” Looking at what (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) has done over the last six months, it’s clear that they are committed to the investment. They have:

  • Attracted big-name ambassadors and advisors
  • Acquired a leading AI and pharma-tech company
  • Grown their Total Assets 400% in a nine-month period

Been featured in several media outlets None of this should be surprising when you consider the top-level leadership that directs (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF), be sure to check out their impressive team at: (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) mostly light activity started to pick up late last week as it seems more eyes could be starting to take notice of the company’s potential. Monday Nov 15, (CSE:MEND) (OTC:MNNDF) closed at $1.80 with above-average volume. $1.80 is just below the highest mark the company set this past month of $1.85, but still a way from their 52-week high of 3.17. If the current upward momentum continues, this situation could be very worthy of our time, so start researching the company as soon as possible. We are keeping our eye on this situation as the global behavioral/mental health market continues to see massive growth.


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