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Mydecine Innovations Group.

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Mydecine Innovations Group

Revolutionizing nature-sourced medicinal products and digital solutions for the multi-trillion dollar global mental health market.

Mydecine Innovations Group Overview

Mydecine Innovations Group (“Mydecine”) (NEO:MYCO), is an emerging biopharma and life sciences company committed to the research, development, and acceptance of alternative nature-sourced therapeutic-medicine for mainstream use. Reinforcing Mydecine’s commitment to mental health solutions is underpinned by the company’s three main focuses: Research and Development building a robust portfolio of intellectual property around drug discovery and unique delivery mechanisms with relevant use patents and future patent applications; Clinical Trials focusing on Veterans, EMS, and First Responders with a PTSD indication; Modern technology utilizing its own digital telehealth platform for better clinical trial management and mental health wellbeing. At the heart of Mydecine’s core philosophy is that Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy will continue to gain acceptance in the medical community with many of the world’s best-accredited research organizations demonstrating its remarkable clinical effectiveness. Mydecine recognizes the responsibility associated with psychedelic-assisted therapy and will continue to position itself as a long-term leader across the spectrum of clinical trials, research, technology, and global supply. Team leadership is key, The Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”) that Mydecine has pulled together from its operational branches is enviable in the field of mental health solutions. Its current members are world-renowned medical and scientific professionals drawn from within academic, research and development, military, and corporate environments. As leaders in the field of PTSD, Mental Health including clinical practice, and advocacy, each member has made significant contributions to advancing the field and is committed to furthering Mydecine’s mission. The mandate of this SAB continues to provide strategic guidance and direction for Mydecine’s clinical trials for PTSD, underpinned by pure data research, therapy, and scientific programs, advise on intellectual property; and, contribute commentary on Mydecine’s telehealth platform, Mindleap Health. Mydecine is comprised of three wholly owned subsidiaries. These three operational branches are Mydecine Health Sciences, Mindleap Health, and NeuroPharm Inc.

Relationships Matter

There is no doubt that by leveraging strategic alliances and partnerships with international scientific, clinical, medical, and veteran organizations, the company is well-positioned and established at the forefront of alternative medicine solutions and their concurrent therapeutics, and naturally derived medical supply chain ensuring success at each step of the value chain.

Strategic Acquisition of NeuroPharm, Inc.

NeuroPharm, Inc. (“NeuroPharm”), was founded by a dedicated group of former military personnel motivated to seek alternative treatments addressing these traumatic disorders specifically PTSD experienced by many veterans following active service. Early on the management team sought direction, advisory, and contributions from esteemed scientific, academic, clinical and product development specialists within the military community. NeuroPharm is Canadian-based and is committed to developing a robust and global clinical trials calendar and its corresponding therapy to treat traumatic disorders observed in veterans, EMS personnel, and first responders. Note, to date the clinical trial calendar include sites in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Additional clinical trial sites are under evaluation for Australia and South East Asia.

CSO Interview

Mydecine Innovations Investor Highlights

Revolutionizing Nature’s Medicine for Mental Health & Vitality

Mydecine has captured the attention of investors through their innovative approach to Psychedelic Medicine and their ability to leverage key relationships, positioning MYCO to be among the leaders in the functional mushroom space.

  • 2019, Americans spent $225 billion on mental health services.
  • Major anti-depressant medications only improve symptoms in 40 to 60 out of 100 people. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 16 million Americans suffered from depression in 2016, while 40 million suffer from anxiety, making it the single most common mental illness in the United States.
  • By 2025, the market could reach over $1 trillion worldwide.

Official Mindleap Health Mobile App

Mydecine Innovations Group Announces The Official Mindleap Health Mobile App Launch in IOS and Android Stores

Mydecine Evolved Mindleap Health Logo
September 30, 2020 Published at

Mydecine Innovations Group Announces

DENVER, Colorado, USA — September 30th, 2020 — Mydecine Innovations Group, (NEO:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) (“Mydecine” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Mindleap Health (“Mindleap”), a digital telehealth mobile application for mental coaching and wellbeing, has officially launched and is available for download today: Source Download on Android Download on IOS

Strategic Acquisition of MindLeap Health s Digital Telehealth Platform

With tremendous ongoing global interest in telehealth medicine, especially now due to Covid-19, it opened the door for Mydecine to acquire Mindleap Health’s sophisticated Digital Telehealth Platform. Mindleap Health (“Mindleap”), is focused mainly on the emerging and growing mental health industry. Mindleap helps everyday people conveniently connect with mental health specialists who track moods and habits to help each user achieve their goals for a healthy mind. It is no secret that this acquisition has brought Mydecine Innovation Group the scalable technology the company needed. In its deployable app format, compatible with both android and iOS, Mindleap is also designed for the growing wearables market targeting those requiring daily encouragement and support in their mental health regimen. Management anticipates an increase in quarter-over-quarter revenues as it ramps up to full launch with version 2.0 at the beginning of 2021. You will be pleased to know that the scalability of this platform has helped the company in the form of a high potential return on investment. This is especially true given Mindleap’s critical first-mover advantage in its niche in the fast-emerging telemedicine industry.

Agreement with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Another great news for investors is that Mydecine Innovations Group established a highly sophisticated research branch with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (“API”). API is a not-for-profit translational and commercial drug development institute hosted at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. API has an expert interdisciplinary team that works with dedicated partners. As a whole, API provides the expertise, services, and infrastructure of a fully established pharmaceutical environment. API helps its innovative partners launch their ideas into the real world, connect them to the services they need for commercial success, and accelerate all aspects of the drug development process. It is no surprise that this agreement with API has provided exceptional capacity for Mydecine. API has opened the doorway for Mydecine’s ability to considerably speed up and streamline its product development with some of the leading experts and professionals in pharmaceutical sciences as well as established drug development facilities. This will translate into higher revenues for the company, which is encouraging for investors.

Licensed to Produce Pharmaceutical-grade Psilocybin

Did you know that currently, Mydecine is the only company that can legally produce scalable naturally-derived cGMP psilocybin from whole-mushroom extraction? Mydecine is equipped with a special Health Canada Schedule I Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License, allowing Mydecine legal range to focus on its core fundamentals. As a result, Mydecine not only has the ability to just extract whole-mushroom psilocybin, but Mydecine can also cultivate, process, research, sell, and export this psychedelic substance as well. And this gives the company a significant advantage and places them years ahead of the competition. It is also worth noting that Mydecine has also conducted the world’s first clinical trials into the safety and efficacy of psilocybin in treating PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in close collaboration with the Dutch Royal Army out of Leiden University.

Growing Intellectual Property Portfolio

Did you know that Mydecine Innovations Group has announced several recent actions regarding the expansion of its Intellectual Property Portfolio (IPP). These include the filing of multiple new patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the acquisition of patents, trademarks, and internet domains pertaining to Mydecine Evolved. These actions further strengthen Mydecine’s intellectual property and technology portfolio, as well as support our strategic growth and position as a leader in the field of psychedelics and its corresponding therapies.

Key Management

Mydecine owes its success to its experienced and multi-talented team. The Mydecine Team has the dynamic capability to oversee all aspects of Schedule I medicine development. Some of the capabilities include: synthesis; delivery mechanism design; genetic research; clinical trial execution; international product commercialization; global marketing.

Joshua Bartch — Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

In 2009, Mr. Bartch’s entrepreneurial career really took off when he founded the Denver-based dispensary, Doctors Orders (one of the very first legal cannabis licenses ever granted in Colorado), and also co-founded in 2014. It is worth noting that it was the most significant and sophisticated cannabis platform for wholesalers in the USA. In 2015, was acquired by Helix TCS. Separate of the cannabis industry, Mr. Bartch also founded After these successful ventures followed by successful exits, Mr. Bartch launched a boutique investment firm with operations throughout the Canadian and US markets.

Damon Michaels — Chief Operating Officer, Director and Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Mydecine Evolved, Mr. Michaels was consulting for various international alternative medicine companies.. Before that, he served as key principal for a leading multi-platform drug development R&D firm based in Colorado called, ebbu. In November of 2018, ebbu was acquired for CAD$429 million by Canopy Growth for being the cutting-edge leader in cannabis science. Over the last decade, Mr. Michaels has been in leading roles with multiple leading alternative medicine companies. Outside of the alternative medicine industry, he developed a national action sports brand with his team, was one of four entrepreneurs who created Colorado’s first-ever sustainable glass recycling company, and was on the business development team for a Google Ventures Company.

Robert Roscow, MA — Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Mr. Roscow is a highly educated geneticist with impressive knowledge of multiple arts of science. He has spent his academic and professional careers looking for valuable and unique active medicinal compounds found in nature. The last two companies Mr. Roscow applied his innovations to were Canopy Growth and ebbu where he was the head of their genetics divisions. Mr. Roscow has already leveraged an expertise in genomics, evolution, and molecular biology to maximize the industrial production of cannabinoids and their use in a pharmacological context. His work has resulted in multiple patent filings and accolades in publications ranging from Nature to Rolling Stone. Now, Mr. Roscow has set his focus on the vast healing potential of the safe and effective compounds found in fungi.

Dr. Rakesh Jetly — Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jetly is currently the Head of the Centre of Excellence on Mental Health in Ottawa, Ontario, and an associate professor of psychiatry at Dalhousie University (Halifax), and the University of Ottawa. He has published numerous articles in professional journals and presents nationally and internationally on such topics as posttraumatic stress disorder and operational psychiatry. Dr. Jetly has previously held various professional positions as a psychiatrist, including: Director of the “Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre,” Atlantic Region (2000-2008); Chief Resident in Psychiatry, S͘t Michael’s Hospital (1999-2000); and Senior Medical Officer for the “Canadian Contingent United Nations Middle East” in Israel (1993-1994).

Jim Gunning — Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Gunning has significant experience with executive-level marketing and leadership roles. A major highlight from Mr. Gunning’s career was that he was one of the first hires at Red Bull North America. In his 10 years with the Red Bull brand, he played a significant role in their success as Director of Marketing. He has since worked with several other major brands developing significant strategic marketing and partnership initiatives.


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