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Feel Foods Ltd.

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Millennials have been adopting plant-based diets at a record-setting pace!

This widely overlooked market in plant-based foods has been soaring at a 200% annual consumer growth rate![1]

Smart investors recognize opportunity even when it lies outside their wheelhouse. It’s a numbers game and the numbers here are growing huge.

The market focus in this report is on plant-based foods serving the dietary needs of vegans and vegetarians. This is a health-conscious population whose size has been soaring over the last few years.

Their food choices are highly specific. Between vegans and vegetarians, vegans hold to the strictest choices. No foods of animal origin, which also excludes vegetarian-friendly dairy products such as eggs, cheeses, and milk. Few companies actively target those needs, yet the number of consumers has been exploding over the last few years.Feel Foods Ltd. (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) is set to carve a dominant position in this space through a broad product mix of branded, plant-based foods specifically created to meet the dietary needs of vegans and vegetarians.

In the past, this market was thought to be small. That’s no longer true. According to, there are now over 19.6 million Americans have adopted a vegan diet of plant-based foods only. Add in vegetarians, who include dairy in their diets, and the number soars by 26.2 million![3] All tolled, somewhere in the vicinity of 14% of Americans have at one point gone vegan or vegetarian.

It’s a $24.3 billion market in the making… and it’s gaining solid traction right now!

To put that $24.3 billion projection in an investment context, consider the $18.8 billion U.S. energy drink market. It gives you some clues as to the profit opportunity that is in play right now.

Over the last decade, Mordor Intelligence reports the energy drink market will trend at a CAGR of 3.8% through mid-decade.[4] Not bad, but not even close to the growth rate projected for the vegan, plant-based food market through the mid-decade ahead.

Looking back at energy drinks gives a hint at what could be in store for the vegan market investor. Those who secured early positions in today’s leading energy drink brands like MonsterRed Bull and Rockstar reaped enormous profits on their initial positions.For example, Monster Beverage Co. shares sold under a dime each in 2000. Ten years later, shares had leaped to the $6 range. Fast forward to current market and Monster Beverage trades over $97 per share! One hundred dollars in Monster shares back in 2000 would now be worth around $97,000![5]

Feel Foods Ltd Market Summary For Monster Beverage Corp

Investors in Rockstar brand drinks made fortunes when the company, founded in 2001, was bought out by Pepsico for a whopping $3.85 billion![6] Similarly, early investors have undoubtedly made fortunes from still privately held, Redbull, a startup that has become the world’s top brand selling over 7.5 billion cans worldwide in 2019![7]

Could these kind of records rise from the emerging plant-based food sector as it ascends to a $24.3 billion market?

The early numbers point to that potential!

Since 2019 when this market showed first signs of gaining traction, Hain Celestial Group shares launched from around $15.60 a share to a high this year over $45.

United Natural Foods shares have climbed over 300% in the last year.[8]The there’s this reported by

“Beyond Meat launched one of the most successful initial public offerings (IPOs) in history in May 2019. Going public at a valuation of $1.5 billion, Beyond Meat had a valuation of over $13 billion just three months after its New York Stock Exchange debut.”[9]

Mergers and acquisitions of plant-based food companies are also on the rise. Large companies are gobbling up opportunity in the space with acquisitions like these:

Vivera$410 million
Daiya Foods$406 million
Smart Sweets$306 million
Sunopta$33 million

It’s past time to think of plant-based foods as a fringe or niche market… this is going mainstream and the numbers are showing it. The market for plant-based food products has been soaring with only a handful of companies approaching the consumer in any meaningful way. A few, like those above, have already emerged from their early entry phase. They may hold some longer-term growth potential, but the big gains may already be in the rearview mirror.

Feel Foods Ltd Logo

Begin your due diligence at the Feel Foods company website:

Clearly, there could be enormous room for growth for an entry level company focused specifically on vegan and vegetarian food products. The upside appears spectacular, particularly if you secure an early position in a company like Feel Foods Ltd. (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL).

Feel Foods Ltd. (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) may be the very best entry-level stock the market offers for securing a wealth building position in the fast-growing vegan/vegetarian food sector.

The company launched its offerings by focusing first on plant-based meat replacements in its Be Good™ branded line of products. These include plant-based nuggets, tenders, patties, bacon and burgers. These products have been developed not only to appeal to non-meat diets, but to provide excellent, satisfying meal choices for “flexitarians”, consumers who are actively cutting meat consumption with healthier, non-meat alternatives.

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Feel Foods’ Be Good products have already secured a place in the meal choices for vegan and vegetarian diets. However, Feel Foods moved aggressively into developing a line of products that appeal to consumers classified as “flexitarians”. These are consumers seeking to reduce their meat intake with palate-satisfying, plant-based main course offerings.
Flexitarians are an as-yet unquantified market opportunity that could pour billions more market revenue on top of the vegan/vegetarian sectors alone.

It’s an unfamiliar term, but flexitarians hold massive market potential. Sustainalytics, a Morningstar Company, reports that:[10]

“The Economist named 2019 the year of the vegan; however, veganism is one part of a much greater trend away from animal proteins. While vegetarianism also continues at a steady growth rate, it is the flexitarian – i.e. traditional meat eater who makes a conscious effort to reduce their meat intake – that is having a notable impact on the market.

From that same report, Sustainalytics observes that, “… innovation in products that mimic the taste and structure of traditional meat and dairy products has been a game-changer as they capture the attention of carnivores. How impactful will flexitarians be in the plant-based food space? Excerpts from a press release issued by the publisher of Packaged Facts, Jennifer Mapes-Christ:[11]

Rockville (MD), November 1, 2020 — American consumers are eating more plant-based foods these days, especially adults under age 35 and those actively following a specific diet. This is according to findings published in the new report Vegan, Vegetarian, and Flexitarian Consumers by leading market research firm Packaged Facts36% of consumers identify themselves as flexitarian because they eat meat or poultry and regularly mix up their diet with vegan or vegetarian meals.

36%! The investor market appears to be totally overlooking this figure! The report goes on:

“Despite use of plant-based meat-alternative or dairy-alternative products being highest among those following vegan, vegetarian, or [seafood] diets, omnivores and flexitarians make up the lion’s share of consumers who eat these products due to their sheer numbers. This reveals that both the current and addressable market for plant-based products depends on omnivores and flexitarians using more of these products.”

Flexitarians may be the wild card in plant-based food market projections. Getting in front of this now could become an enormous moneymaker. Current industry projections appear not to have fully factored the enormous impact that flexitarians may have on the plant-based food market. As the potential of this sector becomes more apparent, the growth in market may outpace anything that has been calculated for vegan and vegetarian consumers alone. Now is the ideal time to get started on your due diligence. This is still early stage. The upside potential in Feel Foods simply has not yet been recognized on Wall Street. Given time… that could change dramatically!

A Strategic Approach to Capturing a Major Slice of Market Share!

Feel Foods management premiered its brand offerings with main-course products developed specifically for a quick launch into the most popular food categories. The strategy is to trigger rapid revenue growth followed by aggressive expansion into other food categories now in development phases at the company. These include:

Plant-Based Candy
$1.99 Billion Market by 2027

Feel Foods plant-based candy line is now advancing through development phases with a target for initial release later in 2021. Management feels this can be a highly lucrative, fast-growing category for plant-based products where few strong competitive brands reside in the space. Candy can be rapidly rolled to market with fewer barriers to entry and share gains, allowing for rapid revenue growth and market share.

Plant-Based Pet Foods
$127.21 Billion Market by 2027

Pet food is already a massive market where the American consumer is highly predisposed to lavish spending on pets. According to a recent industry report, “43% of dog owners and 41% of cat owners buy premium pet foods.”[12] Feel Foods management believes that pet owners’ swelling concern over healthful, plant-based diets will extend to their pets, creating significant revenue potential in this enormous sector.

Vegan Dessert Market
$2.77 Billion Market by 2027

Another underserved but significant market space where demand is strong and selection lacking. Industry news, reports that, “93 percent of consumers had eaten dessert in the past week, and 55 percent had enjoyed dessert within the past day.”[13] The majority of the dessert segments experienced growth this year.

“Consumers are seeking comfort in the foods they eat. However, health and wellness and specialized diets aren’t completely out of the picture. This is resulting in the growth of free-from options, such as gluten-free and dairy-free, and plant-based options in top dessert categories.

Plant-Based Cheeses
$2.15 Billion Market in 2021

Cheeses can be enormously important in vegetarian cuisines. Feel Foods management believes that plant-based cheeses can be a highly desirable addition to its main course product line as well as its potential in snacking and casual eating. In development are cheese recipes that not only carry the taste and feel of dairy cheese, they mimic the cooking performance of dairy cheeses in meal preparation. Feel Foods management has stated that the company’s longer-term strategic objective is to be “the plant-based brand that fills your grocery bag”. Starting with the current “center of plate” approach, Feel Foods expects to quickly establish a solid brand identity in all the above market sectors satisfying all vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian dietary expectations. The Feel Foods market strategy sets course to become a dominant, if not the dominant brand name in the vegan/vegetarian, plant-based food market. The company intends to do so by driving superior products into retail and online distribution channels as well as becoming a go-to supplier of plant-based food products into food service industries. That’s not all.

Feel Foods is in development now to take this straight to the consumer, entering the rapidly growing market for home delivered meal kits!
Feel Foods meal kits will be vegan/vegetarian cuisine… the first to market with the same products offered through retail channels!
Home delivered meals kits are rocketing out of a $2.8 billion market size (2018) on track to a massive $28+ billion market by 2028!
Feel Foods Ltd Featured Image 4
Nielsen reports that the current market for meal kits is dominated by an affluent consumer, aged 35-44, with an annual income above $100,000. The driving value proposition in meal kits for these consumers is a demand for fresh, fast, and easy — yet nutritious — home-cooked meals. Delivered meal kits like those to be offered by Feel Foods allow for dietary specific ingredients with no trip to the store, no food waste, minimal clean-up, and the opportunity to try new foods consistent with vegan and vegetarian requirements. (Source)

Grandview Market research projects that home delivered meal kits will absolutely rocket into the marketplace over the coming years with a breathtaking 21.6% CAGR (compound annual growth rate).[14] Today, vegans and vegetarians are well known for spending far more on their food products than the average American. What’s more, their active lifestyles create the ideal environment for convenient as well as enriching meal preparation. Feel Foods recognizes a huge underserved market for home delivered vegan meal kits. The company has entered final phases toward roll out of the Plenty-Full™ home delivered meal plan. This presents a massive opportunity to serve over 46 million Americans who have a taste for plant-based foods, but few options for finding the sometimes exotic ingredients needed to prepare and serve fully vegan/vegetarian dishes. Feel Foods projects a Q4 Plenty-Full launch date featuring 6-8 Asian-inspired, award-winning recipes that use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in pre-measured and pre-prepped quantities. The customer simply cooks and enjoys! The Plenty-Full program could quickly become a major driver in shareholder value. Now is the ideal time to get this potential in your portfolio. To put that potential in perspective, consider the explosive performance of Hello Fresh, a non-vegetarian home delivery meal kit company that publicly launched just four years ago. The company is now the largest meal-kit provider in the United States… and its stock absolutely rocketed in the last two years! Until recently, Hello Fresh only traded on German exchanges and the chart tracked for the last few years is eye-popping. If you missed this one (as most traders have), then don’t miss the next launch opportunity that could be coming up in Feel Foods!

1,566% gain in just 20 months!
Feel Foods Ltd Market Summary For Hellofresh Se

HelloFresh, the leading meal-kit provider in the United States, made fortunes for early investors… and this market sector is just getting started. Feel Foods’ focus on home delivery of meal kits to the underserved, $24.3 billion vegan/vegetarian marketplace could be another game-changer that can create charts like this! Now is the time to consider a position in Feel Foods, while trading at entry-level prices.

At the start of 2019, Hello Fresh shares traded just above six Euros. By the end of August this year, the stock eclipsed 94 Euros… a massive 1,566% gain in just 20 months! Could Feel Foods (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) post similar results through 2022 and beyond? Keep in mind that from 2016, the meal kit sector is gained traction for a ten-fold leap in market size to surpass $28+ billion by 2028! Now is the time to launch your due diligence and decide if Feel Foods (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) has a place in your growth portfolio.

What to do next…

After reading this report, if you see the enormous growth potential inherent in the Feel Foods marketplace, then this is the right time to dig into the details. An ideal starting point is the company website (address below). Here you can learn more about the company’s branded products and meal kit program. You can also download an updated investor deck, which provides deeper insight into Feel Foods management depth, financial strength, current operations and growth plans. Most important is to get your email address registered with the company so you can be first in line for real-time news and updates releases. In addition, consider contacting your broker to add Feel Foods (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) shares to your portfolio. At its current ground floor trading range, Feel Foods shares hold significant upside potential. Of course, keep in mind that Feel Foods is an early-stage company that must be considered a high-risk investment. If you choose to commit, do so only with the understanding that your investment is subject to substantial losses. However, as can be seen in the chart above, early entry can yield enormous rewards! Is Feel Foods right for you now? Consider these five main points…

Feel Foods is now establishing a three-path distribution network for its branded plant-based food products.
Feel Foods Ltd Logo

Grocery and Retail Online SalesBranded products include center of plate offerings, cheese, candies, desserts and pet foods.

Food Service ChannelsBulk delivery of plant-based ingredients to restaurants and institutional food preparation facilities.

Home Delivered Meal KitsDirect-to-consumer packaged meals that include all needed ingredients to cook and serve plant-based meals at home.

1. The vegan/vegetarian market space is soaring, driven largely by millions of millennials seeking a more socially aware and responsible lifestyle. 2. The vegan market space in particular has been rocketing. Over the last three years, the number of Americans adopting vegan diets has soared by 600%! 3. Feel Foods has already launched branded, vegan “center of plate” foods in nuggets, tenders, patties, bacon and burgers. 4. The appeal in the Feel Foods product line extends beyond the massive marketplace for vegans and vegetarians. An emerging population of “flexitarians” are actively cutting meat consumption with healthier, non-meat alternatives… and that could drive enormous, as yet uncalculated revenue potential for the Feel Foods brands. 5. The Feel Foods growth strategy is designed to launch across multiple branded product categories beyond “center of plate” meatless entrees. These include candies, cheeses, and desserts, which in aggregate represents a total market exceeding $6.9 billion. In addition, Feel Foods is in development for product entries into the $127+ billion pet food market. Now is the ideal time to consider if Feel Foods (OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) is right for your growth portfolio. Launch your due diligence at the company website and be sure to register your email address for future news and updates.

Feel Foods Ltd Logo

(OTC:FLLLF / CSE:FEEL) Begin your due diligence at the Feel Foods company website:

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