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Biden Calls for Half of All U.S. Automobile Sales to be Battery-Powered by 2030!

Recharge Resources Ltd. (TSX.V:RR) (OTC:SLLTF)

His word triggers urgent need for North American lithium and nickel production!

Investors take note: This is going to be big!

Demand for key battery metals, lithium, and nickel, is already soaring globally. Now, Biden’s sweeping move projects to a 16-fold leap in the U.S. need for electric vehicle batteries! Something has to give… and when it does, it’s likely to propel enormous changes in the market! You can be ready, if you act swiftly.

Expect a stunning pace of change… and opportunity as well!

Prior to the pandemic, US auto sales in the previous five years eclipsed 17 million vehicles annually… at its peak it passed $140 billion in a single year! However, only 3% of U.S. sales today are electric! From this starting point and fueled by federal initiatives that include billions in EV infrastructure buildup, the domestic need for critical EV battery metals is staged to rocket. You’ll want to get in front of this right now!

An Urgent Report to the Opportunity-Seeking Investor:

The U.S. electric vehicle industry is in its infancy, but its growth potential is simply staggering, probably unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. As enormous wealth building opportunities emerge from this unfolding scenario, one opportunity stands out as both immediate and urgent. American auto manufacturers can rise to meet Biden’s target, but only if electric vehicle batteries can be found. For that to happen, those key metals, lithium, and nickel must be found first. There’s no waiting to see what happens next; this is something you can act on immediately with a generous expectation for quick returns. The foundation of this opportunity is simple to understand…

The domestic EV battery market is set to soar as U.S. auto manufacturing rockets to an astonishing 185% annual growth target by end of the decade!

This is unprecedented. The federal government, led by President Biden’s EV initiative, is set to pour billions into domestic EV charging infrastructure. Batteries could be the fastest-growing market we’ll see in our lifetimes!

185% annual growth! And it’s just getting launched today! Count your blessings and act fast!

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“WASHINGTON — President Biden wants to convert American motorists to electric cars as a linchpin of his plan to address climate change. Success heavily depends on factors outside his control.” — Wall Street Journal, 8/8/21 (Source)

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www.recharge-resources.comOne looming and crucial factor is the supply of key metals for EV batteries: specifically, lithium and nickel. Domestic resources must be opened up to these key elements. Recharge Resources, Ltd. stands to be one of the early and more important resources for both lithium and nickel in North America.In the short time that the auto industry targets that 50% EV objective, one thing has to happen above all else. The U.S. auto industry must ramp up EV battery manufacturing by what could be a stunning 1,666%! Without those batteries, this industry goes nowhere. It’s like the oil industry over 100 years ago. Oil was the “go juice” and investors made fortunes backing companies that sought out and found what became abundant American petroleum resources. Now that “go juice” is lithium and nickel… and exploration companies like Recharge Resources, Ltd. (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) are poised for explosive gains for ground-floor investors. Recharge Resources stands as one of the very few early-stage resource exploration companies in the market today that is actively developing both lithium and nickel resources in North America. And as will be shown later in this report, cobalt too. All this is key to the achievement of Biden’s plan and the future of U.S. auto manufacturers. However, from an investor’s perspective, that long-term growth does not mean you have to wait years for a substantial return on your investment. Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) could see explosive share price gains as its current lithium and nickel projects move forward this year. And it’s not just North American lithium and nickel that Recharge Resources is seeking to exploit. The third critical metal in the current EV battery design is cobalt. And though it is used in fractional weights compared to lithium and nickel, it’s still an essential element that has virtually no production in North America. Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) reports being in the very early stages of identifying and proving up what could be among the first North American cobalt resources brought into commercial production. That may be well down the road, but it’s important to note because investors should know that Recharge Resources’ strategic objective is to become one of the foremost battery metal exploration companies in the market today. This targeted exclusivity is already bearing fruit… or perhaps better stated… hardening its shareholder value. Start with an overview of Recharge Resources’Murray Ridge nickel project. Nickel is the much-overlooked metal in the EV battery equation. That’s set to change rapidly. On February 25 his year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated:

“Nickel is our biggest concern for scaling lithium-ion cell production.”

— Elon Musk, 2-25-21It should be a big concern for all U.S. auto manufacturers, not just Tesla! Of all the world’s nickel production comparably, little is produced anywhere in the United States or Canada.

“Wherever you are in the world, please mine more nickel…” — Elon Musk

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“Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.”This has got to change, and that change is already underway. One area where nickel is prominently found and currently mined is the Murray Ridge and Pinchi Lake regions of central British Columbia. Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) recently secured 8,300 total claim acreage on significant nickel discoveries previously reported in 2013. Company management acquired the projects specifically targeting areas where the best nickel ore sampling results were obtained. The objective going forward is to further explore and report the nickel resource potential on these projects and validate a 43-101 compliant resource calculation. With that validation, the in-situ value of the nickel resource can accrue directly to shareholder value, which could be substantially greater than the ground floor share price that Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) trades at present. That value could be top tier. The Recharge Resources nickel project is reported to be analogous to the geologically adjacent Decar Nickel project to the southwest. Discoveries there are proving to be the highest-grade mineralization, compositionally rich in nickel over the iron (75% Ni to 25% Fe) with 0% of the commonly occurring sulfur that compromises typical nickel production grades. The nickel mineralization on this trend is so pure, in fact, that it is referred to as “natural steel”. The absence of sulfur allows mined material to be shipped directly to end-users without incurring environmentally unfriendly refining steps. That’s precisely what Elon Musk is demanding for Tesla’s long-term production contracts.

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The Murray Ridge project was previously explored, and nickel resource potential was identified in 2013 through a report issued by Nanton Nickel Corp. The company was subsequently acquired by Binovi Technologies, which divested the Nanton Nickel resource assets presumably as those assets were unrelated to Binovi’s core mission of being a “human performance technology company”.For more detailed information about this Recharge Resources’ nickel project, please navigate to the company website to download the current Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF)Investor Presentation. (Website address provided below.) Over the last decade, and despite being a critical battery metal, nickel has not seen the meteoric ascension as has lithium. That could be about to change! Since mid-2017, nickel prices have been steadily climbing, albeit choppily, to a current range of around $19,000/ton… which is approaching two-and-a-half times its 2017 low mark! Signs of a breakout are building fast… as is pressure on new resource discovery and ultimately production!

“You have, essentially, a [nickel] market that will grow exponentially in size…,” said Michael Widmer, head of metals research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

As alarming as those sounds, what’s even more alarming to U.S. automakers is that the vast majority of global nickel production today is controlled by Chinese and Russian entities. That places a huge premium on the importance and potential value of securing domestic nickel production. In fact, it can be projected that the United States could avoid a shocking nickel supply crisis in the not-too-distant future as nickel deposits like those being explored by Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) are proven to market. Prior to President Biden’s EV announcement, demand forecasts for lithium, nickel, and cobalt resources were already robust. In 2019, projected metal requirements for EV batteries pre-Biden was:

17 kt for lithium, 14.4 kt for cobalt, and 65 kt for nickel. By 2030, those numbers project a 1,088% increased need for lithium, 625% for cobalt, and a whopping 1,423% for nickel!

Add in Biden’s call for a 16.6-fold leap in domestic EV sales… these percent gains could be hugely underestimated!

No need to wait for mining to begin… shareholder value moves first when resources are discovered and reported.

Keep in mind… Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) shares will be fueled by what the company discovers and reports from its current exploration projects. Not a single ounce of nickel (nor lithium) need be mined to send Recharge Resources shares soaring on favorable news releases. That’s why it is vitally important that if you wish to profit from what appears to be a pending nickel resource boom, you should launch your due diligence without delay. Here’s where to start. A highly informative investor presentation can now be downloaded from the Recharge Resources website. Consider jumping straight to that through the link provided at the bottom of this report. How fast could this take off? Consider how quickly and how high share prices launched for the lithium exploration company, Millennial LithiumMillennial Lithium illustrates two important market considerations: How in-ground resources, in this case, lithium, are valued before being mined and how aggressively this market is targeting and forward pricing those resources. China, of course, is driving the buyouts. In March of last year, Millennial Lithium traded at around a $0.52 USD low. News of its Argentinian government licenses to proceed with project development became the launch point for a share price run that peaked over $3.60 USD in roughly nine months. Seven months later, China moved in with a $280 million all-cash offer. Investors who bought and held their position through the rush saw a 692% share price gain in just over a year! This leads to a discussion of the investor potential in Recharge Resources’ Georgia Lake lithium projects located in the Thunder Bay Mining Division in northwest Ontario.

Recharge Resources Ltd Featured Info Map 2

The region was already well advanced in lithium discovery and mining when Recharge Resources moved quickly to box in the dominant RockTech Lithium project. Recharge Resources landed important claims on both the north and southwest boundaries of the Georgia Lake lithium trend… directly on what could become an essential development path for future RockTech production.Note from the map above that current mining operations (indicated by the X mine icons) clearly show the direction of the resource trend line and suggest that Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) may occupy future development assets that could prove quite valuable to its neighbor! These are sites that have a clear history of lithium mineralization. Lithium was first discovered here in 1955 and subsequently explored by several historic owners. RockTech acquired the licenses in 2009 and carried out several drill campaigns until 2017. Based on a total of 351 drill holes with a combined length of 47,384 meters, a NI43-101 compliant resource estimate of 6.58 million tonnes in the measured and indicated category and 6.72 million tonnes in the inferred category was published in August 2018. That roughly calculates to an astonishing 144,861 tonnes of measured, indicated, and inferred lithium resources. Bottom line, this entire area appears to be rich in lithium, and Recharge Resources may very well have a huge piece of it. Planned exploration can quantify the extent of that lithium resource, making Recharge Resources a solid candidate for future lithium production or a lucrative buyout from its neighbor, RockTech.

Recharge Resources Ltd Featured Info Table 1

Make no mistake about this, despite the enormous gains that investors have already made from lithium exploration companies, this is just getting started. And thanks to Biden, the trend line appears to have shifted to near vertical! Like it or not, the world has been on a well-paved road to electrification for years. With billions in Federal funding and presidential pronouncements, the United States is putting rubber to that road. The impact on global battery metal markets could radically accelerate growth that had already been predicted as stratospheric. The early winners will be those who act on this now. Individual investors stand to make fortunes much like oil investors did over a century ago. The truth of it seems inevitable and the best evidence for that truth are the moves made by the Chinese over the last few years. Key points to be made. China is aggressively working to corner global battery metal markets… and they’re succeeding. Here are sobering factoids published by the Institute for Energy Research:

“In 2019, Chinese chemical companies accounted for 80 percent of the world’s total output of raw materials for advanced batteries. China controls the processing of pretty much all the critical minerals — rare earth, lithium, cobalt, and graphite. Of the 136 lithium-ion battery plants in the pipeline to 2029, 101 are based in China.”

Please note that China is now moving hard on nickel as well… the metal that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, says is most important for scalable production! The IER goes on to report that China controls an astonishing 65% of global nickel production. What’s more, IER forecast updates foresee significant nickel shortages following Joe Biden’s recently announced American EV fleet objectives!

China controls 65 percent [of global nickel production]. Electric vehicles account for about 7 percent of overall nickel consumption today, but that would skyrocket under plans to electrify vehicles as proposed by Joe Biden.

And did you notice the mention of cobalt? Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) is now locking in resource potential for future North American production of this essential battery metal. When you download the company’s Investor Presentation, you’ll note that cobalt is listed as a company-targeted resource. Recapping… Lithium, nickel, and cobalt appear staged for a historic bull market. Current production levels of these key battery metals, particularly in North America, appear nowhere near adequate to meet future needs. As you launch your due diligence into Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF), you’ll likely find that these metals barely exist in North American mining activities. This situation must change quickly and radically if U.S. automakers are to avoid being beholden to foreign interests, China most prominently. It can’t happen soon enough! America is launching the largest ground-up infrastructure program since Eisenhower’s interstate highway initiative. Over the coming years, billions will be spent on building out a nationwide charging station infrastructure that can pump power to the batteries these cars need to run. And as Biden’s 50% EV sales figure is reached, the number of EVs on American highways will soar, fueled not by petrol and diesel, but by lithium, nickel, and cobalt! All this forecasts one thing, a North American lithium, nickel, and cobalt mining boom of stunning scale! It’s time to get in front of this. Fortunes appear ready for collecting. For the U.S. auto industry to remain strong and independent, companies like Recharge Resources stand to be critical at uncovering new and dependable battery metal resources essential for a future dominated by electric vehicle batteries. There’s no reason for America to grow dependent on a new “OPEC” of hostile resource producers. North America holds abundant untapped resources. The exploration companies like Recharge Resources that identify and bring these metals to production stand to create fortunes for investors who make the right moves today. For now, focus on lithium and nickel. (Cobalt is down the road.) As for these two metals, there’s a land rush building to secure the top production sites in North America. One thing seems clear… global demand for all these critical battery metals could very well outstrip all current forecasts. In other words, a massive bull market in these metals may be forming that simply dwarfs anything currently predicted. Investors who make the right moves quickly stand to make fortunes.

What to do now…

This is an urgent situation that should be looked into without delay. Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) has already launched its exploration programs and announcements can be expected as results are made public. Favorable numbers could fuel a quick start out of the company’s current, ground floor trading range. Start your due diligence with a visit to the company website (address below). While on-site, be sure to download the recently published Recharge ResourcesInvestor Presentation and register your email address for ongoing news and updates. Also, go to your broker or financial website to put Recharge Resources on your active watchlist. You may even consider getting some skin in the game early, while share prices are trading under one dollar and the upside potential is the greatest. Of course, before making any investment, get your due diligence behind you and only invest what you are willing to put at high risk for substantial if not complete loss. This is an early-stage opportunity that carries significant investor risk, but at the same time carries enormous potential for outsized gains… not just in the distance, but in the relatively short term. Many companies like Recharge Resources (TSXV:RR) (OTC:SLLTF) can launch to triple-digit, even quadruple-digit gains inside of a few short weeks! Don’t be caught just looking! Get started now!

For up-to-the-minute news and to download your free Recharge Resources Investor Presentation, go to:


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